A house is not a show piece, it is a place to come home. I firmly stand by the belief that everything in your house, no matter if it’s a hand-me-down from your cousin or an exclusive design piece, should add to the feeling of being welcome there, both as the house owner and as a guest. I also pay meticulous attention to the origins, sustainability and soul of every single object and colour I add to a person’s home.

Lastly, I do believe we all have a little madness in us, and this should be reflected in our homes to give it that finesse that makes it yours, not a designer’s creation.
As such, my interior decorating style can be summarised (but not limited to) sustainable, people-oriented and comfortably luxurious.

I currently operate in Tehran, Iran but am also open for collaborations in Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as virtual consultations on sustainability in design, mood boards for rooms and decoration planning worldwide.

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