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Gathering : noun /ˈɡæð.ər.ɪŋ/: A party or a meeting when many people come together as a group.

Coming together is a human practice as old as time itself. We have evolved to be stronger in teams, to communicate complex feelings and information. Long-term absence of others, or the feeling of alienation, leads to long-term health effects that can be disastrous. Part of my mission is therefore not to be simply a brand that sells you products, but to be an intersection point of groups and individuals with matching passions. To bring them together as a stronger, more solid set of people with clear missions and goals in life. Therefore, participation in this platform is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. I believe connection and community is not something that can only be accessed through a paywall, but an innate right of us all in search of deeper connection for a better world. I look at you especially, women of this world.

I will also be organizing monthly workshops about themes ranging from block printing, to sustainability on a budget and inviting people to talk. You can register for these events at the EVENT page (coming soon).

You choose how you wish to engage with others on this platform. You can listen to my podcast where I talk with people in the world of art and sustainability and share your own ideas, you can book a one-on-one design talk wit me, or you can interact on the online forum where new discussion topics are launched every week.


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