Ever since I was small, I loved the objects in my grandmothers’ houses, and was always fascinated with the way they were displayed, how they defied the many ‘rules’ of fashion and design (such as the alleged faux-pas of putting a pattern on a pattern) and how they were simply enchanting in their simplicity.
Later, as I started living alone in university, I was astonished to see so many of these beautiful works of art in junk shops and auctions where I came because I couldn’t afford to buy new furniture at IKEA as a student. Needless to say, I quickly started learning about them and frequented the auction halls with the aim to find the absolute best and most unique, truly an exercise in patience.

Throughout the years, as I travelled and lived around the Middle-East and Central-Asia, collecting antiques became a treasured hobby. They became an inspiration for my interior design projects and perfectly complement the style and message our rugs also try to pass on: timeless elegance, quality and spirit.

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