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A life of service and filled with passion, is a life well-lived. That is Andrea’s motto behind the work she does, the home she keeps and the relationships she maintains. What if we could all live our lives fulfilled because our actions breathe love and care for others while bringing joy and energy to ourselves?





Embodying her values, Andrea wants to create an intersection between people, nature, beauty and craft. She firmly believes that a more equal world is possible by lifting up those who work towards it, as well as sharing wisdom and keeping up nature-based practices, particularly in the world of textiles.
She currently lives in Tehran, Iran with her husband and two cats. Here, she is always on the lookout for new designs, collaborations with promising artists and of course, special antique rugs for her private collection. When home, she shifts her attention to the garden, always paying homage to the many unique textures, colours and scents of the natural world. Her dream is to one day own a small homestead in Southern Sweden where her family can totally relax and live in closer harmony with nature, whille welcoming people into the healing space that is the forest.




If you were to ask me about my goal in life, I cannot for a thousand gold bars give you a specific answer. The closest I would ge t is to say, I want to be that what makes people see, have and feel beauty in their lives. Whether it is through acquiring a beautiful carpet, or providing a wholesome recipe, or even sharing a laugh or a good story over a cup of tea or a fresh sharbat. Beauty comes in many forms and we are all here to create and share it. I hope, with the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learnt, I can share my part of it.

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