About me.

How nice of you to want to get to know me, behind all that’s (not yet) written on this blog.

At 24 years old, I have just moved from my Art Deco apartment in Belgium to a traditional Persian house in Tehran, Iran with my husband, whom I married in Istanbul, Turkey at the beginning of 2021.

After a life of continuous travel to faraway places, and having found family, love and a second home in Iran, it is hard to describe myself without mentioning that part of who I am. As erratic, adventurous and spontaneous I may be, my all-time dream is to one day combine my own heritage with that of the new, adopted culture that Ehsan, my partner, and I currently live in.

We have a Persian rug business that Ehsan inherited from his family, and our goal with it is to bring quality, handmade ethical rugs from the hands of Iranian women and a 1000 year tradition to your home.

I have a passion for beauty and for creation. I believe, it is this passion that brought to life the different passion projects I set up over the years. Right now, the focus lies on arts at the intersection of Europe and the Middle-East, especially in the world of textiles.

My educational background is a Bachelor of Science in International Relations & International Law. I am a certified English teacher under the TEFL framework and also graduated from the New York Institute of Photography’s Intensive Course in Photojournalism. Lastly, I am a Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with a 200HR certification from the International Yoga Alliance.

If you were to ask me about my goal in life, I cannot for a thousand gold bars give you a specific answer. The closest I would get is to say, I want to be that what makes people see, have and feel beauty in their lives. Whether it is through acquiring a beautiful carpet, or providing a wholesome recipe, or even sharing a laugh or a good story over a cup of tea or a fresh sharbat. Beauty comes in many forms and we are all here to create and share it. I hope, with the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learnt, I can share my part of it.