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I welcome you. Invite you for some tea. No, really. Please do send an e-mail and let’s be in touch. If you came to this website, it is likely because of my personal or business Instagram, or because you were redirected to one of my blog posts. Thank you for taking the time. 

What will you find here? A collection of blog posts about sustainability, design and leading a fulfilling life full of joy, community service and planetary care. Quite literally, how we can rid ourselves of the idea that you have to choose between leading a luxurious life full of abundance and, on the other hand, care for the planet ensuring a better future. I define myself as a environmentalist who enjoys the fine things in life – and I believe this is a lifestyle that is accessible to all, not compromising on life quality and experience. You can also find numerous resources to apply these principles to your own life, as well as a growing library of YouTube videos on the subject.

This website is dedicated to all the people, places and traditions that have influenced my life in immeasurable ways, some of which are briefly introduced by the following visuals.

“Water, water, water… There is no shortage of water in the desert but exactly the right amount…unless you try to establish a city where no city should be”

– Edward Abbey, Desert Solitair

They’re beautiful, but not all hand-woven rugs are created equally.

We ALL love a unique, hand-made rug. Whether antique or newly made, statement piece or a backdrop to your room, hand-made rugs have adorned homes around the world for centuries. But, we all especially love a hand-made rug with an attractive price tag. Don’t we?
I am sure you have seen the many hand-made rugs for as little as $300 on big, international websites. At the same time, there are machine-made rugs that cost $5000 or more. Why?

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The end of summer

The Persian month of Shahrivar has started. And with that, also the last month of summer, ending on the 20th of september. For us following the gregorian calendar, the 21st…

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Taking Unusual steps

Firstly – when you look at this blog post you suddenly see that the lay-out of this blog has entirely changed. Surprise! Indeed, several pages have been added and the…

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